Guidelines for Systemic Anesthetics:


Ketamine Ketamine + Xylazine, respectively Ketamine + Medetomidine, respectively Pentobarbital sodium Tribromoethanol
Duration of Effect ~15-20 min. ~30 min. ~30-40 min. ~20-60 min. (wider variation in anesthetic time) ~15-20 min.
Rat 75-100mg/ kg,
60mg/ kg +
75mg/ kg + 0.5mg/kg,
40-60mg/ kg,
IP or IV
300mg/ kg (Not commonly used in rats)
Notes Not usually for deep anesthesia. No skeletal muscle anesthetic effect Can reverse xylazine with yohimbine Can recerse medetomidine with atipamezole No analgesic properties at all Light sensitive. Use only fresh working solution